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How to stay balanced during your Real Estate Transaction

Up late looking at houses online? Read this then get a good night’s sleep.

STEP 1: Timing - Base Chakra

The first step is to become aware you need to make a move. Has your family or job situation changed? Are you entering into a new stage of life? Have your goals changed? Define the logistical and emotional reasons why the timing is right to buy, sell, or invest in South Florida real estate. Clear awareness of your “why” will lay the foundation for an enjoyable, stress-free purchase or sale.

[Awesome client whys: you want to live closer to a great school or work, prefer to buy than rent, want to earn income from a property, move up or down]

STEP 2: Relationships - Sacral Chakra

The second step is to build the team that will make your move easy. Contact several realtors and discuss how they bring service and add value. Reach out to a loan officer and get pre-approval for your mortgage or gather proof of funds. A great realtor can help you find a lender but it’s good to talk to more than one person before moving ahead. This is also a great time to sit at the kitchen table and talk with your family and friends about your ‘why’. Get on the same page with those you love about family goals, finances, and get ready for the next exciting chapter of life.

STEP 3: Trust - Abdominal Chakra

The third step to balance your chakras during the real estate process is to trust your gut. When you feel at ease with the person you’re working with, feel great when you walk through the door of your dream home, trust that. So, when you find the right fit - go with it! Trust the realtor you hired and their brokerage to get the job done right and stress-free.

STEP 4: Joy - Heart Chakra

The fourth step is when things are fun. This is where you get to go out and look at properties! This is when your house is listed and your Realtor is marketing the property. It's important to communicate a high level of expectation from everyone involved. Communicate with your agent and make sure they communicate with you. Sellers should see and feel the activity of their Realtor driving traffic through the home through great marketing. Buyers expect the Realtor to understand your goals and show you properties that fit your unique requirements.

STEP 5: Communication - Throat Chakra

Luckily you’ve followed the previous steps and established the right timing, team, and energy because step five is often the most challenging. Here, we have to be strong because sometimes we don’t get what we want right away - sometimes things are complicated. Even under the best circumstances moving is a big deal. Trust me, I’ve moved all over the world and even though it’s exciting, there are a lot of steps and sometimes disappointment is involved. Sellers, if you get a low offer, that’s ok - make a counter-offer! Try not to take it personally. Buyers - it’s ok to be aggressive and do your due diligence. If it’s not the right fit, even if you love it, don’t worry you’ll find something better soon.

STEP 6: Opportunity - Third Eye Chakra

The sixth step comes when timing, relationships, trust, joy and communication line up in harmony and you find the right home and make an offer. Most buyers will know the house that’s right for them in under two seconds. Timing meets opportunity for those who seek it. Properties generally sell for the market price and a properly priced home should sell rather quickly.

STEP 7: Manifestation - Crown Chakra

The seventh step comes at the closing table. This is the moment you have been waiting for! After all the research online, after looking at many properties, getting your finances in order, this is the moment where everything comes together. It’s normal to be nervous, excited, or a mix of emotions because moving is by nature grounded in our emotions (STEP 1).


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