Migration to South Florida in Unprecedented Times

Dated: February 19 2021

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South Florida is entering an unprecedented Real Estate boom and I wanted you to know first.


What we are seeing is both a forced and chosen migration to South Florida as a result of COVID-19.

By, Derek Stout


Work From Home


Until COVID, working from home hasn't been an option for large populations of the country. Because of this, if you are in Chicago (or my family hometown of Rockford) and can now work from home, you are able to consider South Florida as a permanent option. We are seeing a huge influx of mid-west and west coast buyers flying in and competing with local buyers.


It's not just New York and Massachusetts moving to South Florida anymore, it's everyone.


Displaced Workers


Displaced workers in other states are attracted to Florida's business friendly atmosphere. While remaining socially distanced, Florida Realtors have adapted and businesses especially in hospitality are struggling to find enough staff to meet the demand.


This is impacting homes at every price in every sector.


What this means for our buyers


Competition is incredibly serious and you need to be informed before entering the deal or really even start to physically look at properties.


Most homes are selling at or above the listed price with the most desirable homes selling within days of going on the market.


Buyers from around the country are flying in for 24 hours to make a purchase they saw online. 


With the vaccine coming, we can expect even more demand with shrinking inventory, meaning, prices keep going up.


Schedule a conversation below. Together we will create the moment and find the right property through impeccable communication, clear goal setting and aggressive bidding.


Derek Stout

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