Edible Landscapes - The Move Monthly, January 2021

Dated: September 1 2021

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Canal front land listing! Abundance through edible landscapes & more.

Waterfront building opportunity; Permaculture in the City through Edible Landscapes.

January 25, 2021

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Brought to you from the last Monday of the Month by Realtor & lifelong entrepreneur, Derek Stout, this is The Move, South Florida.


This Month:

  • Canal Front Land Listing
  • Edible Landscapes
  • Our Seller's Edge

Using Real Estate as a vessel, I explore the dynamic relationship between culture, design, and technology that move the South Florida market.


From time to time, I am lucky to collaborate with experts who write exclusive articles about subjects you can’t find anywhere else.

Canal Front Land Listing

S2811 McKinley St. Hollywood, FL


With incredible access to all of South Florida build your dream canal home on this pristine piece of land in Hollywood. With inventory for new homes so low, why not build your own? What type of house would you like to see here?


Edible Landscapes

By, Katie Stout



Permaculture = Abundance

Edible landscapes can be created anywhere, by anyone, on any budget.


With some courage to experiment, a little trial and error, and a solid vision of your own private paradise, you can feed yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your whole community. Scarcity is a thing of the past and permaculture is the abundance of the future. It starts with one seed. What are you waiting for? 

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Imagine waking up each morning, getting a cup of coffee, and stepping onto your patio to gather breakfast: a fruit salad with mangoes, bananas, and seagrapes, dressed with fresh-squeezed lime juice, a perfectly ripe avocado, and a side of tomatoes that remind you of all the colors of the sunrise. When you’re finished eating, you toss your peels and veggie scraps into a small compost bucket, which slowly turns into rich soil you feed back to your plants. This is permaculture.

Maybe now you’re working from home, attempting to navigate the COVID-shaped world.


Being homebound is hard but being homebound without access to a nearby market to get fresh fruits and vegetables is even harder. This is what a lot of folks face who live in urban “food deserts,” where the only place to buy food anywhere nearby might be the minimart, replete with calorie dense but nutritionally void food options. Unfortunately, these food deserts inordinately affect poor minorities in urban environments.


Maybe you are simply worried about getting your grandma sick by going to the nearest farmers market.

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The dream breakfast above might sound like an out-of-reach Eden, but it’s actually nature’s standard. Could you imagine waking up daily to such vital variety?

For the creative and bold around the world, nature’s standard is now their everyday reality. 


With basic permaculture techniques, you can transform a concrete patio into a thriving container garden, a blazing hot balcony into a shady haven rich with nature’s candy (that’s fruit, if you’re wondering), and a lush food forest from even the tiniest yard. 


When I used to think of farming, I imagined bent over, mostly broken farmers covered in dirt. My first thought was, “why would anyone want to be a farmer?” 


That is until I learned of Permaculture Principles which are very different.

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Permaculture Principle #1: Minimal Effort


Design is the magic that minimizes the work involved. In nature, plants grow without any help from us because they’ve developed relationships with each other over millions of years of coevolution. 


They work together, and because of this, they thrive in great abundance. Many of these plants are perennials, which grow back on their own every year; or, they are plants that “self-sow readily,” which means they make and spread their own seeds that grow wherever the wind plants them.


Pretty much no work on the part of us humans is needed, and yet vast and complex ecosystems emerge.


Click here to read the entire article and learn all 3 tips.

Katie is the founder of Edible Landscapes, a New York startup committed to social justice through food equity. As a certified Permaculture Design expert, she's interested in expanding her practice to South Florida and would love to hear from you! Katie works with small and large clients to create edible landscapes and innovative design structures that replicate nature. Contact Katie for your free consultation.

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