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Fort Lauderdale Sweet Spot

If you have the BREAD we have the BUTTER!One of the incredible things about Fort Lauderdale is that for around $700K you can get just about anything. If you’re looking for a single family home

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Why do people move?

Why do people move?Buying a home is for the vast majority of people the single most important and difficult financial decision they will ever make. With this comes an enormous amount of preparation

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New Permissions

"New Permissions"The start of a story by Derek Stout“Daiya, I’m going to grant you new permissions now, are you ready?” Arthur asked.“Yes, I am available for your input.;

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Objective Decision Making and Roses

Objective Decision MakingAfter teaching yoga since 2006 and being in the ‘hot room’ since 2000, I have learned a thing or two about objectivity. Objectivity is a big deal in Yoga. This

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