Experience counts

  • Degree in International Politics, Diplomacy & Development

  • Digital Marketing Expert

  • COVID Compliant Realtor

  • Board Member of Miami Association of Realtors

  • Trustee at Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

  • Trustee of GoRiverwalk

  • Loves People, Fitness, Finance, Real Estate and Animals

My passion for real estate began when I was a child, touring the luxury Parade of Homes in Plano and Dallas, Texas with my mom, Connie. We spent afternoons looking at houses, and picking up design ideas we’d use for our own home. I bring that same sense of wonder and discovery to my real estate clients on every appointment. By combining my education with a proven track record launching companies in health and fitness, technology, and real estate, my clients have an experienced ally working in their corner who puts their goals first.

The most important decisions


Selling or purchasing a property, relocating, or opening a business are major steps in anyone’s life. Such important decisions need the right team behind you to make sure everything goes as fast, and easy as possible. Equipped with local South Florida knowledge of residential and commercial real estate sales and negotiations, and personal global experience managing businesses and moving across the US and world provides a competitive first-hand edge to help my clients achieve their dreams here in South Florida. I look at every sale as an opportunity to make my clients feel amazing about their experience.


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